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Good communication skills are the foundation for learning and participation.  Speech and Language Therapy can play a key role in promoting your child's development.


Services offered:

  • Delayed or disordered speech 

Although some errors may be age-appropriate, features to look

out for (e.g. persisting production errors despite progression of peers):

• Omitting sounds within words (i.e. 'do' > 'dog') 
• Replacing sounds (i.e. 'play' > fay') 
• Difficulty with multi-syllabic / long words (i.e. 'biscuit' > 'bibi') 

  • Specific language impairments

Difficulty following instructions 

Apparent lack of attention or listening 
Difficulties with working independently 
Giving irrelevant answers to questions 
Reliance on other cues: gesture, following peers, pictures, context and routine 
Unable to effectively express ideas 
Difficulties telling stories and narratives 
Grammatical errors (e.g. 'him go shopping') 
Poorly formed sentences  
Using incorrect words or difficulty finding words​

  • Literacy difficulties secondary to phonological awareness or auditory processing difficulties​

Paediatric speech and language therapy is dynamic and varied - children require support from clinicians with specific skills and experiences

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