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Sarah Bean
Speech and Language Therapist Cape Town speechtherapist

Our ability to communicate, learn, share a meal or catch up over a cup of coffee are some of the priviledges of day to day living.  When speech, language, eating or drinking are affected this can dramatically alter our participation and quality of life.  

Speech and Language Therapy provides a specialist service to children and adults who have communication or swallowing difficulties - working together to optimise communication skills and eating and drinking options. 

Life ... is about participation, it is something more complex and more interesting than what is obvious.                                                                                              Daniel Libeskind. 


Speech & Language Therapists work with adults who have dysphagia or communictation impairments such as aphasia and dysarthria and children who have delayed or disordered speech, language, literacy or social and pragmatic difficulties.

Dysphagia - An Impairment of Swallowing

Speech & Language Therapists perform a vital role in assessing and managing swallowing difficulties and disorders.

              that you may have swallowing difficulty

A Speech & Language Therapist is an expert in this field - we can           

Instrumental Swallow Study

Speech Therapist Cape Town
Speech & Language Therapist Cape Town
Speech Therapist Cape Town

Good communication skills are the foundation for learning and participation.  

Speech and Language Therapy can play a key role in promoting your child's development and success during these foundational years.

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